Dominoqq game DominoQQ at Liquid Q Q representative

The Facts The players are recommended to choose the dependable and trusted agent to evade lose or fraud and win the victory. There are lots of fake websites and agents on the web nowadays, for these players should pick the right broker or websites like Merchant Q Q agent. Liquid Q-Q representative provides security and actual services where the players may start betting with no risk of cheated.

Don’t give DEPOSIT fraud. If you are caught filling out a sterile deposit for at least three days, then your ID is going to be barred until the ID user contact us through LiveChat. The ID won’t be permitted to deposit to get 1×24 hrs. Please check the account properly to which account you are saving before moving capital. Get in touch with our customer support for the details of a legal deposit accounts number. Money residues, that usually do not fit exactly precisely the listed name, aren’t processed.

It’s severely banned to use more than 1 ID in a single table. If we see more than one ID playing together at precisely exactly the exact same table, we’ll obstruct an individual’s IDs indefinitely without any warning to the player. Confirmation of depositing is not sooner than 3 X24 hours. Anyway, we regard the funds that can be found in as contributions to this dominoqq site. Our rules are absolute and can’t be disputed.

More over, we provide an added plus over 0.5percent each day. 0.5% Nominal Bonus will be sorted out in 12.00 WIB and distributed at the newest at 15.00 WIB. We also provide 20 percent of Referral Bonus. Referral bonus + 10 percent just for user agent ID. It’s possible to claim Referral Bonus with 10 percent whenever you need or about any day. You can draw with the least requirement when the Bonus of USER ID has now reached Rp. 50.000. Users can assert their bonuses involving 09.00 to 18.00 WIB

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